Rio de Janeiro

I don’t think I talked a lot about my travels to South America here – sure it has been a while now since I have been there but still I have a few good pictures of my time there.

I went to Brasil  in the summer of 2012 and of course I couldn’t miss Rio.

I was there for about 4 days and had a lot of fun. The perks of speaking the local language are clear in a country like Brazil – and having some local friends is nice to have them showing you the not so touristic side of town.

Rio is quite unique I think – and definitely iconic. I didn’t have much curiosity for it until I went there – and had Bossa Nova playing in my head the entire time I was there.

Actual I don’t have many great pictures of Rio, but good enough to share.


7 responses to “Rio de Janeiro

  1. So happy to see you visited the beautiful city where I was born! Where else did you go in Brazil? What would you say had to have been your favorite place?


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