Discovering Alfama

May is a month of sunshine, full of colour, amazing temperatures and overall awful.


Well, it is the month of handing in pretty much all the work you should have been doing throughout the semester

Even if you, unlike me, are organized, you would still have a lot of work to do. And because I am not, organized, well, things just add up.

Thankfully I have an expat friend who gave me the perfect excuse to have a great, guilt free(ish) day of enjoying some of the best things Lisbon has to offer.

Alfama is probably my favourite neighbourhood of Lisbon, it is one of the oldest and is full of charm.

And the best part – they have already started setting everything up for the Lisbon festivities – Santos Populares.

In June, the whole city is filled with colour, sardines, wine, fado and all things portuguese.

It is one of my favourite celebrations, not only it tell us school is almost over, but it is one fun party.

But anyway, I will tell you more about it when the time comes. For now, a few pictures – feel free to click on them to see them in full size.


10 responses to “Discovering Alfama

  1. Thanks for coming by my new photo blog recently….

    Your photos of Lisbon are interesting, all those festive ribbons or ropes or whatever decorating the air….


  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love the colored streamers hanging between the houses, they make it look completely magical. I want to go to Lisbon now! 🙂

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