Ephesus. How to put it?

I am not a big fan of ruins. Generally speaking it doesn’t thrill me. If you go through my posts on Rome it might surprise you that you will not see the collosseum. Not from the inside at least. Reason being? I didn’t go.

Before everyone kills me, I had been there before. But for me, it was simply not worth to spend 15 euros to see some ruins, even if world class famous, that I had seen before. My sister is just as flabbergasted by this as anyone else. But she might just be a history geek. I like history, I like art, I love old buildings and especially old citys – but ruins are not my thing.

Ephesus is pretty much ruins. But the old Library is simply amazing. And the fact that it had a back door to a brothel is a funny and fascinating curiosity that makes a trip there even more interesting.

6 responses to “Ephesus

  1. Awesome pics!
    You never know what you will find at ruins we went to “ruins” once and all that was there was a big rock in a cow pasture. We had to climb a fence to get to it even. Lol

    • Thank you! Also that is really funny – one of the reasons I am almost always disappointed with the ruins! – Still in the end you ended up wth a funny story at least 🙂 Thaks for the comment

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