Cappadocia I

Well, it would just be a crime not to visit Cappadocia after spending more than five months in Turkey right?

Let me tell you the answer for that – yes it would.

If for some crazy reason you have yet to see one of the five billion of pictures of Cappadocia online, don’t worry I will show you a few. After all for sure the World Wide Web needs some more.

This place is quite insane – from more than one underground city where people actually lived in – and are still used for storage of food after the eighth level, (that is what I call going green) to absolutely incredible rock formations, filled with amazing shades of pinks, reds and ochre’s.

While the city of Goreme was not so amazing, it was definitely a good place to visit all the locations – the ones possible to visit on a low budget. And while on that subject it is possible to see a lot by bus and walking but if you want to see most places, either allow for more that three days, or get ready to spend some more money on a organized tour or shared taxi.

Click on the pictures to open up the gallery –


10 responses to “Cappadocia I

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    • The eyes are supposed to be good luck – I guess it is probbly a tradition to put them on that tree ? not sure – but I have to say I really like it 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!

  2. Great pics. I’ve never seen such a mass of Evil Eye charms but do remember them everywhere. Loved the pics, particularly the night shots.
    Pamukkale was, for me, another lovely spot. Sunrise/sunset should be wonderful. I don’t know how it’s changed over the years but it stands out in my memories of a terrific few years in Turkey.

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