A long overdue return – and film photography

Today I felt like writing, I have been out of the blog for a long time after a post, gulp, promising more writing – I am sorry about that.

I had fun in Istanbul, and a lot was going on which took all of my will to write. And then I got back and there was also a lot happening as well. I missed my family and my friends. I had to get back to real life and catch up on some schoolwork I had left behind.

I haven’t completely forgotten about this small project of mine – I have started to write way too many posts. Somehow they all fell through. So for now I will start with some pictures.

I won’t promise anything. (Clearly it doesn’t matter anyway). But I think I miss my Internet corner. Even if only to post some of my favorite pictures..

I will start with a few film pictures.

I have recently fallen in love with film photography. Not so recently actually, but I only bought a camera a couple of months ago. They are very different from the digital pictures. While the quality is worst I like the feel they have opposed to the extremely clear and defined ones I get with my digital camera.

What do you think?



3 responses to “A long overdue return – and film photography

  1. I came at photography with film. I learned to be selective and careful, because film is costly and time must be spent developing the negatives or slides, then the prints. It’s more of a hands-on artform. Digital is wonderful, too. It’s instant, and the images can be manipulated almost immediately.

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