Ouro Preto – Brasil

Ouro Preto is a colonial town that was the base for the mining explorations. It’s name “Black Gold” is quite indicative. Also it is on the state of Minas Gerais – the main place for gold extraction.

Two years ago I was so surprised and pleased to explore this town. It truly resembles Portugal, but the setting is completely tropical – making for one extraordinary place in my opinion.

Last week when we revisited the town, the weather was not our friend – it was raining the whole time. Still we were able to be reminded of how nice Ouro Preto is, and also take some pictures and relax in some nice cafés and restaurants.

I confess I would be disappointed if this was my first visit, as for me the best part is walking around taking pictures. But since I still have the photos from my first visit – I could just relax!

You can click in any of the pictures to open up a gallery!



6 responses to “Ouro Preto – Brasil

  1. How cool! Thanks for sharing this. Most all I know of Brasil is via Indy Car Drivers…and they are all very fun and delightful guys…Tony, Helio…too hard to choose a favorite with these guys 🙂

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