Dead Sea – Israel

Back in February I had the chance to visit Israel and Jordan. We didn’t have much time so we only could visit Petra and Jerusalem. Luckily, since we were traveling by car, we also got to see the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has a very big concentration of salt, which makes it impossible for any species to survive in it’s environment (hence the name), but actually surprisingly easy to float.

Considering it was Winter time, even if it wasn’t THAT cold, I still found it too chilly to go and try this anti-gravity sea for my self. Luckily there were some people willing to go in for the pictures – and so I of course took a few photographs of some very enthusiastic strangers.

You can, as always, click on any of the images to open up the gallery.




One response to “Dead Sea – Israel

  1. I have visited the Dead Sea 20 years ago in May. I had a hard time to come under the water as the high content of salt let your legs go up so strangely. If you have a sore spot on the skin it hurts. I would like to go again

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