Discovering the super fruit of Brasil

I arrived in Brasil a week ago to visit my parents and young sister. It had been two years now since my last visit, and one of the things they discovered during that time (that I really had to try) was Açaí.

blog açaí 1

Apparently Açaí is the athletes fruit – very nutritious, very caloric but very healthy.

This fruit really resembles the blueberries, but  purple and red in color. What we had was not the fruit itself but a sort of ice-cream.

blog açaí 2


Today my sister asked, with her best brasilian accent, since it isn’t ice-cream or juice of açaí what was it called – it is Açaí cream.

Everywhere you will find shops that sell it – and finally today I joined the athletes in one thing – eating this super fruit.

I am just not sure they also have it with sugar, powder milk and chocolate.

blog açaí 3

Healthy or not – it is really delicious!   — But I will still pretend it was a super healthy desert.



11 responses to “Discovering the super fruit of Brasil

  1. Just googled it and discovered the berries come from a palm tree, but are similar to blueberries, cranberries etc. The way you had them seems to be a specialty of Brazil.

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