Sitting between two continents, in Istanbul with a short ferry ride  from Europe, you will land in Kadikoy, the most famous Asian neighborhood. Not only is the ferry ride worth it, but also after leaving the boat you might enjoy the beautiful neighborhood.

My university was in the Asian side – making me a happy commuter many times. It also meant I wasn’t taking pictures that often – from the ones I have, the only ones that I think capture the ferry ride and a bit of Kadikoy are all film –


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10 responses to “Kadikoy

  1. I freaking loved Kadiköy, and lived there nearly my whole time in the ‘bul except for a brief stint in Göztepe. Marvelous place- take the tram around! Go sit in Moda sea-side park! Take a book to Yoğutçı park! Sit outside at Humeyra cafe and people watch while drinking tea or Effes! The shopping’s great whether you’re in the fish market or scoping cheap shoes in a merkezi, all the tekel men are marvelous. All of us who lived there looked with pity on the ex-pat tribes of Cihangir who never did know what they were missing.

    • I actually heard that a lot! I was one of the pitifull expats living in Taksim! but I think every corner of Istanbul has its own charm – I am glad I still got to get to know both sides – as I studied on the asian side and so I went there a lot! I already real miss Istanbul! Such a magical city! Thank you for the comment 🙂

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