Pammukale – Turkey

Oh Pammukale how disappointing.

I mean it is beautiful. Incredible. Out of this world.

Except that it isn’t.

Maybe it was for the fact that we had only about three hours there – which was not even enough to get in to the baths. We got in through the top gate and left from the one in the bottom – slowly following a line of tourist (and a big one).

I am really not into too touristic things – and this was one of them. The pictures of the beautiful pools without a soul are generally a lie – and while I got a set of my own it was quite hard and required a lot of waiting for the right time.

And while it was not exactly the huge, crowd free white paradise I expected, I am still happy I have my own set of pictures.

Click on any picture to open up the gallery and see it full size!


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