Just before a friend of mine came to visit she said “I also want to go to that place where you take pictures with everyone”. My Facebook has quite a few of them, and even if I don’t post a lot of pictures on Facebook, I have a lot from this famous rooftop. Especially because it is not exactly famous. Quite the opposite.

Just after I arrived in Istanbul I heard a rumor about a rooftop. And some friends of mine had a heard something about it too. This is quite the secluded place. You have to find some street, and then an alley, and then a passage. You go in, go up the stairs, everything looks abandoned. And then you find a man who has the keys to the rooftop.

A friend of mine wanted to take his very new girlfriend and was afraid she thought he was kidnaping her.

But everyone who visited me has a picture in this spot. Why? For me, it is one of the best views of Istanbul.




6 responses to “Rooftop

  1. Hi Carlota,
    Me and my cousin (female) are travelling to Istanbul this coming March and I would really really love to know how to get to the rooftop. I stumbled on your photo and read but I couldn’t find the exact directions.
    I hope u CAN SHARE WITH US.
    Thanks alot.

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