Cihangir – the hip neighborhood of Istanbul

I really thought I would do better for some reason – turns out a few house problems and a few days being sick made me stop blogging for yet another week. That and one weekend away that will bring many pictures.

Yeah turns out my perfect house isn’t so perfect and I might have to move again – and house searching in Istanbul is not exactly easy.

That however hasn’t stopped me from truly appreciating what Istanbul has to offer (just the being sick part did – but I am all better now!).

I can’t get tired of pointing out how big the city is – but thankfully different friends show you different things and you end up discovering this amazing city – one neighborhood at a time.

Last week a friend showed me the cool, hip and mostly expensive neighborhood of Cihangir.

Cihangir is full of Vintage shops and cool cafes. It is perfect for one afternoon well spent. And for us it was just that.

After walking around and watching a friend spend her money on vintage shirts – after a lot of bargaining – we ended up hungry a few hours before dinner time.

We fond a really nice place to have some dinner – but didn’t eat much and called it an afternoon snack.

Here are some pictures on the place and the food. And more to come soon 🙂


The small but really nice restaurant


Very cute restaurant


Great looking food in Istanbul


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