Istanbul – II

Like any big metropole, Istanbul doesn’t stop. And so far, neither have I.

My days have been filled with new sights and people, and when I am not having fun sightseeing or hanging out with new friends – there is paperwork to take care of – signatures and stamps and document printings and all the boring bureaucracy a new country and a new school ask of you.

That still gives me time to catch up with friends and family, but not a lot of time to update my blog – but anyway here is one picture of beautiful Istanbul and a promise that soon enough I’ll write some more and especially upload some more pictures.

Galata Bridge and New mosque Istanbul

Ferry view of the new mosque

Galata tower Istanbul

View from the ferry of the galata

Blue moque Istanbul

Blue mosque at sunset


5 responses to “Istanbul – II

  1. The city looks absolutely gorgeous! Hope you’re having a great time getting settled in and aren’t too overwhelmed with bureaucracy and paper work. I’m still a bit scarred from Italy 😉

    • Yeah – and I thought that things in Portugal didn’t work very well! They are the worst when it comes to paperwork here! (can imagine Italy is pretty bad as well) But thankfully they make up for it with this incredible city! And I am loving the people as well so overral it is well worth the trouble hahah 😀

      • now im in korea but still i can feel to be like in istanbul… for example yesterday in my dream, i was in istanbul.:) and about reading your blog: when you were posting, i was taking immediatly a report e-mail. but for this last posts i have got them late…:( maybe the problem is with wordpress.

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