Istanbul –

After so long imagining how Istanbul was, my head was already ready for anything.

I was expecting a contrast of cultures – I was ready for a multitude of different feelings and smells and people.

“The point where east and west meet” – I kept hearing this from different people without ever stopping to understand.

Istanbul is european – I also kept this in mind as I prepared to come here.

I think I knew everything before even getting in the plane. I knew it would be different. I knew it would be european. I knew it would be exiting.

I was prepared for the famous turkish hospitality. But also expecting rude people, weird stares and lack of english speaking.

And yet as soon as I arrived I knew that, – while no one had lied to me –  I knew nothing about the big city I was now going to live in.

My first few days were spent glued to the computer trying to find a house. I would leave the hostel in order not to go crazy but would never go too far. Taksim started to seem familiar and I was enjoying the feel of the city. It felt european enough with hints of a more exotic place.

That was the reason I had chosen Istanbul – I wanted to live in a different place and Istanbul promised to be exactly that. Still I felt, for the first few days, the city to be very cool but not too strange.

As the days go by, that has started to change. The “meeting point” has begun to feel not only existing, but evident.

And the more I see, the more I feel it. The more I like it.

Istanbul has begun to feel more and more like the perfect choice. I can only imagine what peculiar things I will find out. What little quirks I’ll discover. This city is thriving with life and I am excited to be living here.


17 responses to “Istanbul –

      • I’ve always wanted to walk along avenues of fruits, vegitables, textiles and the Salt of the Earth kissed by glimmering sunlight, hear the echoes of voices, inhale the spices on the air….aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 See, you took me there! thanks!!

      • I am so happy! I always like when thet happens to me, so I am very happy to have maked you travel with my pictures 😀 thanks Morgan 😀

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