Comporta – Summer in Portugal

Alentejo is probably one of my favourite regions in Portugal – maybe that is because my mind immediately jumps to some of my favourite dishes that happened to be from the area. Or maybe because of the typical houses of the regions I am not even that familiar with. Or simply because it is completely underrated and I always had a soft spot for hidden gems.

Comporta is on the border but it is already alentejo – which makes it perfect from the start. Leaving home and driving along the road that connects Setúbal with Alcacer provides one amazingly scenic route with rice paddies alternating with cork trees. The views will continue to surprise you throughout the way, and the best part is it is only a couple of hours drive.

You will be devided between all the amazing scenery, but if you go there in august the beach is the only place you can possibly choose, as the temperatures can reach 40 degrees celcius.

That is obviously not a problem considering these were voted the best beaches in the world – and you can see why – the pictures simply don’t make it justice.

Coming home the sun setting over the rice paddies is breath-taking, and so is the sun over the arid land and various trees.

If you have been following this blog for any time you know I am a big fan of my own country – that may make my opinion a little bit bias or doubtful but the thing is Portugal is a country with a lot to offer (and at competitive price too) and everyone who visits is usually pleasantly surprised. I could talk about all the things that are wrong around here, but for someone visiting it wont make a difference, and the truth is the views, the food and the people are even better that I could ever tell or photograph.


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