Sol-Troia, Portugal

I am very spoiled when it comes to beaches. I mean I am half an hour away from a selection of amazing beaches. I get to choose which beach to go to depending on my mood – and they are all pretty much spectacular.


That makes me, I must confess, a little bit of a beach-snob. And Troia – a very famous beach – was in my mind crowded and overrated, – despite not having been there in years, too many for me to remember the last time I was there.


I have never been so happy to be wrong – and find yet another amazing beach.


stretching for miles and with access only in key points, the long white sand beach, with calm blue waters looks like paradise. And with a hard-sand, it makes the ideal place for a long walk, without the usual effort of soft feet- burring sand.


8 responses to “Sol-Troia, Portugal

  1. Portugal is amazing, wish to be there soon again. If you want to read about my experience in Lisboa, visit me in few hours – there’s a huge note with lots of wonderful pictures coming 🙂

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