Paraty – Brasil

At the time you see this post I will be half way through my week of volunteering.

I have signed up for a new project in a social neighborhood close to where I live – I go there one a month and now I’ll get to spend one week with fifty great kids!

Anyway, that also means a fewer posts this week – but I am already planning and am going to show you some past travels – this time – Brasil.  I’ll then return to my Portugal series with a few surprises to come (hint a few tips for all the foodies out there) And also a few more changes to the blog.

But anyway…

Brasil is a dream for thousands of people. With my parents and young sister moving there recently I was able to experience it as well – and took a lot of pictures!

Today, just a select few from my time in Paraty  – filled with colonial history and a tropical surrounding it is one incredible pace truly worth a visit.


4 responses to “Paraty – Brasil

    • It truly is! I highly recommend it, and it is only about 3 hours away from rio! so if you have the time there it is not too hard to reach! 😀

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