Setubal, Portugal – Food market

Setúbal is the third biggest Portuguese city, it is very close to Lisbon – something like one hour by train, and even if it is not the most beautiful place to visit it is still a somewhat beautiful city.

I went there to do some shopping a couple of days ago. But not just any type of shopping – I went to the central market to get some fresh fish and other cooking goods.

Setúbal is known for being a fisherman city – which makes it the perfect place to buy fish. And the market is actually very beautiful and interesting.


Note to all my readers – later today I am buying a domain, and because is not available, I am renaming it, unless someone buys that before me that is. I am naming it (Pre)Concept – Break your Journey

What do you thing of the name?

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12 responses to “Setubal, Portugal – Food market

  1. Adoro a diversidade e intensidade das cores.
    Não sei bem o que se passou com a imagem das verduras, tem ali uns riscos estranhos.
    Aguardo então o novo domain, espero que renda! 😉


    • Tenho que ver o que se passou com essa fotografia! Obrigada pelo aviso, e pela boa sorte também estou com esperança que renda hahah

    • They did some remodeling recently and everyone was a little bit afraid of what they might do! thankfully the tiles remained unscrached! It is definetly typical portuguese! Thanks for the comment 😀

  2. Love the photos of the market and, as always, you make me want to hop onto a plane to Portugal. Congrats on buying your domain name! The new name sounds great. 🙂

    • I bet you would love it, especially – I think I told you this once before – because the coffee cultures is great, and the food and sights are pretty great too. whenever you do come send me an e-mail and I’ll give you a few tips 😀 I am glad you like my new name 🙂

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