A while back I wrote a post about Athens and the time I visited my sister there.

I wrote about expectations and how it made me love the Greek capital.

While I was there we had time to visit one island. We still gave it some thought but ended up choosing the most famous one – Santorini.

The beautiful pictures of the island made it very attractive, and I was excited to see it for myself, and especially take pictures of my own of the many times symbol of Greece.

After a long eight-hour ferry ride, we arrived at one ugly port. Quickly we were surrounded by what felt like the whole island trying to sell us, well, pretty much the whole island. We evaded the crowd and found a way to get out of the port and into town.

We finally arrived and it was exactly like a postcard. Unfortunately, it was nothing more.

The beautiful houses, blue and white made for perfect pictures – but the whole experience started to feel a little bit disappointing.

The good part of visiting a place is to see what no camera can capture, and in Santorini it felt there was nothing else besides the perfect set. Even the people were not actually from there – a place made to tourists. No culture, no life, even no people.

I got a few amazing pictures though, but if I ever return to Greece, I will not be going back to Santorini, instead I can imagine some other island being much more interesting.



20 responses to “Santorini

  1. These are beautiful. I’ve never been but these pics make me want to be there. Very photographic area.

  2. I suppose it is the two-edged sword of picture postcard beauty, it brought the tourists in the first place, which in turn had the effect that you so vividly describe: no culture, no life…. sad, isn’t it?! Lovely photographs, nevertheless!

    • That is true! adn’t thought of it that way! But it is very beautiful – and no one can argue on that! Thank you so much for commenting 😀

  3. Well you certainly got the pics! It’s more than 20 years since I was there and I retain a fond memory, but I suspect there was a genuine side to the place then. 🙂

    • Yes I can imagine it having a genuine side then! I was very deappinted, but I still can’t argue with the amazing beauty of Santorini! Thank you for yur comment 🙂

  4. Great pictures! And thank you so much for the post. I have been dying to go to Greece and specifically Santorini, just becuase of the amazing scene of the white & blue buildings. But, i have often wondered what it is really like because that is the only pictures you ever see.. no night life, fun or beach photos; just the white & blue buildings. Now I know. I still want to go to Greece, I will just pick a different island.

    • Yes it is true! I might have had a worse experience, but even if I was unlucky I have heard there are way better islands! I am really glad it was usefull! But greece I believe is a must see country! Have a great trip 😀

      • Thank you for the reply. I have been to Athens once for a business trip, but only for one day 😦 I also went on a cruise that stopped in several places in Greece… I think they were all at beaches on the mainland. I really hope to go back for a 3-4 day vacation on one of the islands.

        Keep taking pictures… becasue I’m following your posts now 🙂

  5. interesting you mention about the disappointment at Santorini…I’ve a friend , with some ties with Greece and he said something similar…that you can find similar scenes (architecture, sea) in smaller , lesser known islands than Santorini.
    Santorini has definitely got the attention of the world and for people who don’t have enough local info, it would be the first and possibly only choice

    Great photos, in case I missed that 🙂

    • That was my case – I only had the time to visit one island and wrongly chose Santorini. I have great things about other islands and especially that Santorini is absolutely not the best choice. Unfortunetly only later! I find that people usually don’t talk about the experiences they didn’t like.. And the truth is Santorini provides you with a great chance to photograph!

      Thank you for reading 😀

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