Summer time and upcoming changes

Well summer in Portugal has been hot. And I mean heat wave hot.

The days have been reaching the highest temperatures ever, the nights have been as hot as I can remember – 30º Celsius.

Finally it is starting to get cooler – but this was the perfect way to kick off summer.

Anyway, I have neglected my blog a little bit, having been focused on getting some sun, meeting my friends and overall rejoicing at the lack of responsibility summer brings.

Despite all that, I have now a couple of posts in store for you – old travels and more on Portugal. I am also getting my own domain, that I will announce as soon as I decide on its name. So expect to (slowly) see a few more changes here.

For now – a lazy sunday afternoon at the overcrowded beach –

DSC_0194 DSC_0197


2 responses to “Summer time and upcoming changes

  1. Oh my, so many people. 🙂 I’ll be in Southern Spain in 4 weeks. Hopefully it’s not going to be that crowded 😉

    • This time of the year is terrible when it comes to crowds! But I bet you have a lovely time even with this manypeople! I can’t wait to read abou your time in spain!

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