Lisbon – June is for festivities

(To see the pictures in full size, click on any of them)

This School year is almost over and as always, things always spin a little bit out of control this time of the year. May madness just kept going and is, unfortunately, going to last until the end of the month.

My tanning plans fell through as my work load did not.

Anyways it is not all bad, as last week there was enough time to happily celebrate my favourite Lisbon holiday , – Santo Antonio, translating to the day of the city’s Saint.

My pictures failed to illustrate the night, but with the month-long festivities still going on, I plan on taking a few photos that truly show the spirit of this time of the year.

You see, there are a couple of things that you only have in season. And to me, summer brings them all at once – Cherries, Sardines and Snails (I will dedicate a full post on that later. Eventually. Probably in July)

The 12th of June is the one day of the year that I HAVE to get sardines. I’ve made it a tradition from the first year of college  (yes, it is a new tradition) – they are fresh, cheap and pretty much everywhere – and the smell is intoxicating, which makes it a must for anyone walking the streets of Lisbon.

This is the day when the streets get filled with people, music, food and happiness. The tradition is kept alive and everyone comes to  the older neighborhoods in town. Going up and down the busy streets, there is grilling and beer everywhere. Everyone is in full on celebration mode. The streets are decorated, and a wide variety of music can be found.

Anyway, as the party went on we ended up coming home pretty late – which meant that with my camera in hand I got to take some amazing(ish) shots of the sun rising in my beautiful city.

So despite the small amount of pictures I took at night I still have a few taken at dawn.

To see the true spirit of the celebration you will have to wait for my next dinner in Alfama, which I am hoping to have as soon as possible.


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