Ljubljana II

When I first arrived in Ljubljana I did not know what to expect. I seriously I had no idea. But as soon as I arrived I had a good feeling and a lot of luck.

My hostel was a previous prison converted into a hostel. It was very different and had an easy-going vibe. And the city center was incredibly beautiful.

But what I loved about the city was the fact that I could feel its life.

My free-tour guide told us there were over ten thousand events every year in the tiny Slovenian capital. Considering it has all major universities in the country it is a very young city. Fully alive. And everyone was so nice.

I truly thought it would be a nice place to live in.

And then, just behind my hostel I found this block completely transformed.

apparently, in the seventies, just when they were about to demolish the old prison, a group of artists decided they would rehabilitate the building and decided to build the hostel.

They were left with an entire block of houses to work on.

They created a bar and studio area that is decorated throughout.

Every building is different. Some have mosaic. Others were just painted, and all had some type of sculpture.

The end result is very cool and underground.

I took a couple of pictures but have to admit they don’t look very good.

But, well it gives you an idea of the place.

8 responses to “Ljubljana II

  1. The art on every outer surface of those buildings is gorgeous! The mixture of textures, colors, and patterns that could be overwhelming work beautifully together to create a cohesive masterpiece. If only every street was like this one 🙂

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