Beautiful Blogger Award

Back in February, the very nice Jeanine from Wester Avenue in rural northern Wisconsin, nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.


But, because I was travelling I wasn’t able to get back to it, and well, I kind of forgot.

A couple of days ago I got another nomination, and I remembered this one, and figured I should start here!

So thank you so much Jeanine for thinking of me for this award!

Here are the rules, if nominated and choosing to participate then:

– Write a post about the Award and include the Award Picture.

– Thank the person who nominated you ( ie.Wester Avenue in rural northern Wisconsin) and link back to their blog.

– Nominate seven other blogs and include links as well as a quick statement about the blog.

– Write a comment to each of the blogs to tell them you nominated them.

And now for the Blogs I am choosing to nominate, in no particular order:

In search of perfect – It is a blog about the travels of a curious young women

Love. Life. Eat – Is a blog about a woman’s travels and her love of food

Food Photography – The name says it all – a blog with amazing pictures of amazing looking food

Gesundheit, Suze! – Is the blog of a German traveler – with photography and stories from the places she has been to

Eat, Travel, Photograph – This blog is about the Life of a girl who loves to travel by truly experiencing a place

Andrew Brown – Andrew brown is a blog where the author shows us his amazing drawings of different cities.

Love. Life. Istanbul – This is a place where an expat tells us a little bit of life in Istanbul

And here it is! Thank you again Jeanine for nominating me – and I hope all of you can enjoy these blogs as much as me

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