Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition

The chances of not knowing what the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition is are very low, but if you somehow managed to miss it – it is basically one incredible competition with a one hundred thousand dollar prize – fifty thousand for you to travel for six months, and another fifty thousand for when you get back.

My first reaction was to obviously participate, but I eventually got discouraged into thinking it was impossible.

It probably is, of course, but last-minute I decided I was not going to lose without giving it a shot.

The thing is, there were three challenges, – one text, three shots and one video with you on it, – and while I am quite comfortable with the first two, staring in a video is not exactly my cup of tea.

I decided I should do it anyway, and so, last week,  this was my project:

1. A 200 to 500 word text:

On the difficulty of entering Argentina (il)legally

If you have travelled through Bolivia, you will know that the Salt desert tour is a must.

If you have heard anything about travelling in Bolivia you will probably also have heard something about the famous  three-day-tour.

Before going there I had only a small idea of what I was up to. I only knew about the salt desert – nobody had told me that was the least of it. A desert that could have inspired Dali, the surrealist painter, or a red lagoon – so red it could belong in Mars, and one amazing volcano are just a few of the amazing sights.

If you have travelled through Bolivia, or heard of the famous three-day-tour, You will know it starts and finishes in Uyuni – that contrary to what I just described has nothing good to do or see.  It feels like a desert. But without its beauty.

After three amazing days we thought it was better to just take the overnight bus to Salta in Argentina and leave the expensive, freezing town behind. And after asking around we found the trip to the border was about 6 hours and then we would have to cross it and find the connecting bus to our final destination.

The only problem was that the night bus would leave at eight.

The big-lipped, wide-eyed, lazy speaking weird man promised we would arrive at 6 am. I found that weird, – after all wasn’t it supposed to take six hours? – but chose to believe him.

Of course that by three A.M we were being waken up to leave the bus.

I knew it, I. Knew. It.

What I did not know, was that the terminal would be a bench. Outside.

Let me tell you, the Argentinian border, at three A.M in middle July is extremely cold. Especially after being woken up.

We saw some Argentinean looking guys, who were, in fact, Argentinean and proceeded to follow them to border, hoping to find somewhere warm to wait for our bus.

What we didn’t expect was to find a closed border. Not physically closed, no. Simply, the around seven police officers told us, the immigration guy wouldn’t arrive until seven – or as it turns out, seven-thirty. And a place to stay? Well apparently the officers were not allowed to have girls inside, so we couldn’t get in.

At least, four hours allows you to make some friends – who, if you get lucky, will be angry enough to demand some hot water. And who will carry around mate and the respective mugs – Argentinean costumes that were absolutely lifesaving.

And for the rest of the time, we were very entertained watching Bolivians carrying huge bags cross the border.

You see, it is very easy to enter Argentina at three a.m – just not if you want to do it legally.

2. 3 pictures:


Volcanoe, Uyuni

Volcanoe, Uyuni

Salt deserts

Salt deserts

3. And finally – the dreaded video:

The votes are closed now, but if you wish to see my entry on the website and find out more about the competition you can check it out here


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