Technically, it is not thursday anymore – six hours too late from where I am standing. But considering I still have not gone too sleep, it is thursday to me.

No I have not gone out – I have stayed in, doing what I had left to do, before the semester is finally through. Three portfolios to be more precise – and it took me 8 hours to miraculously  be done with that.

I am strangely happy, for someone who hasn’t slept. Especially odd when it is me who has not slept.

The thing is I am really, very proud of my erasmus portfolio – the other two were no big surprise, but the erasmus one turned out way better than I expected.

And as promised, I put a new page here in the blog with a couple of my latest works – considering it is six AM it is not exactly how I wanted, but I will eventually get to that -after Italy.

Tomorrow (or later today, to be more precise) I will be trying to fit almost one month of clothes into a low cost airline size bag. – and without getting any sleep, a day of evauations and a few errands, – that will not be fun.

Anyway, feel free to check out the new page and in a couple of days I will be reporting from Venice.

Note: Forgive the misnakes and nonsense sentences – I had no sleep



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